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FINAL Paranormal Investigation of The Arcadia Opera House, LIVE!!!

March 20, 2021

This is the Final Investigation at the Arcadia Opera House. it will be filmed LIVE via Zoom.

Links will be available closer to the date!


S..P.I.S. is currently in need of a new Videographer and editor. After currently parting ways with our previous videographer, We have been filming and editing our own footage. We would like to bring on someone who loves to do this, and loves to investigate as well. If you or anyone you know that may be interested in filling the position, PLEASE contact us via email or facebook and send them our way! We are looking for someone who enthusiastic, outgoing, and a team player. OH Yeah, and must love the Paranormal of course!

S.P.I.S​. in 2021​!

Your Favorite Paranormal Team has a lot to look forward to in 2021! 

Even though the pandemic has taken its toll on the country, businesses, and people alone, S.P.I.S. still has been hard at work!

We have spent much time researching new locations, conducting investigations, and continue t​o go over evidence from past investigations, along with recent ones too! We also have new merch on the way. Keep checking back for new updates and more news on what is yet to come!

A big Thanks to all our supporters who have stayed with us!

S.P.I.S. featured in Sarasota Magazine

S.P.I.S. had the privilege to featured in Sarasota Magazine. Check the link below!

Music by Midnite Syndicate!

S.P.I.S. is excited and proud to announce the permission and partnering with the one and only Midnite Syndicate! 

Music by Midnite Syndicate will now be heard in S.P.I.S. investigations and video clips!

Thank You Midnite Syndicate for this awesome opportunity!

Zak Bagans and Ghost Adventures

S.P.I.S. Dr Brittany Ann had the privilege of meeting and spending time with Ghost Adventures Zak Bagans! S.P.I.S. is always doing all that can be done to futher their paranormal message! Thank you Zak!

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